Music speaks for itself.
Provided we give it a chance.

Yehudi Menuhin


a small but eclectic selection:

1988 Tour in Ghana with Bibiba
1988 Tour with Matraka (Basque country) in Switzerland and West Germany
1991 European tour with False Prophets (USA)
1991 - 2004 Wie es Ihr gefällt — Festival of female musicians
1997 - 2001 Kiepert Büchersommer (technical direction)
2004 - 2008 Tours with Ulla Meinecke
2004 - 2005 Das Jahr der Freiwilligen Trashoper, several shows all over Germany
2005 - 2010 Larry Peacock, Performance, several shows in Europe and Canada




Bands I've had my hands on at least once

Adicts (Monitor)
Aggrolites (FoH)
Aynur (FoH)
Agnostic Front (FoH)
Aynur (FoH)
Bandits (FoH)
Che Sudaka (Monitor)
Chumbawamba (Monitor)
Il Civetto (FoH)
Die Firma (FoH)
Dog Faced Hermans (Monitor)
False Prophets (FoH)
Früchte des Zorns (FoH)
Fugazi (Monitor)
Instigators (FoH)
Katharina Frank (FoH)
Karamelosanto (Monitor)
Kevin Coyne (FoH)
Mahmoud Ahmed (FoH)
Mercan Dede (Monitor)
Meredith Monk (FoH)
No Means No (Monitor)
Once Upon A Time (FoH)
option weg (FoH)
Poison Girls (Monitor)
Prinzessin Hans (FoH)
Radical Dance Faction (FoH)
Revolte Springen (FoH)
Serious Drinking (FoH)
The Skatalites (FoH)
Sham 69 (FoH)
Harri Stojka (FoH)
The Ruts DC (FoH)
Billy Tipton Memorial Quintet (FoH)
Tribe 8 (FoH)
TV Smith (FoH)
UK Subs (FoH)
Wonderska (FoH)
Zerstörte Jugend (FoH)

and many, many more .........................