What do you prefer: Music or ham?

Eric Satie



About Caroline Moos:

Born and bred in the old West Berlin she took early on full advantage of the opportunities that the city provided.  As a student she became a member of Rock gegen Rechts, the German offshoot of Rock against Racism in England. Here was the chance to gain first insights into sound engineering, organization of rock gigs and self-organized/ autonomous working. Immediately after the final secondary school exams she joined two old friends from school who had started their own little PA rental company: Regenbogen PA. "Learning on the hoof", sound engineering the tough way. Some errors are doubly painful but then one only makes those once. Places existed aplenty then, whether new venues like kukuck, SO36, KOB, EX, Frontkino and many, many more, but also venerable old locations, e.g. Quartier Latin or the Alte TU Mensa. The firm persisted for 19 years, first as collective, later as GmbH (limited liability company). As co-partner she has less and less time at the desk. As others take over that aspect, she is responsible for organization and planning. The introduction of the recognized apprenticed profession "Fachkraft für Veranstaltungstechnik" (specialist for event technology and management) at the end of the 90's brings the additional responsibilities as an instructor.

With the end of "Regenbogen" she can return fully to her primary passion: of mixing live sound. Caroline continues to work as an audio consultant for concerts, festivals and tours as well as theatre projects and performances from their conception, co-developing appropriate sound designs. The advancement in recording technologies led into recording concerts live, mixing and editing them in her own small home studio. The first professional in-house productions evolve and are published. She still works regularly at SO36 and other venues in the city, is touring or can be found at miscellaneous annual events like "Tag der Erinnerung und Mahnung", the antifascist day of remembrance. Caroline Moos now works for more than 30 years as a sound engineer and sound designer.




Technology for recording and subsequent postproduction:

RME Preamps
RME UFX Fireface
DAW Cubase 7.5




Technology as an end in itself or as a means to an end?

It is all about the music; music that touches, lived emotions or simply a pleasant evening together, resonance, tone, frequencies, beats, sounds, dynamics, harmonies and disharmonies. The world explains itself through the music. Technology is the conduit to create tangible experiences. The feeling when the sound desk becomes an additional instrument. Living for the moment. Combining your own creativity with artists from all over the world. Horizons are expanded and will stay so.





Caroline Moos

photo: Christian Dietsch